Hearts & Hands Animal Rescue

Our Mission is to give of our skills in the animal communications and care fields, to give our love and labor and share an environment for the healing of animals that are in dire need. We facilitate the expertise, guidance and utmost care for them, so that they may recover from neglect, injury, cruelty or from being unwanted or endangered. We assist them in finding happy and enriched lives in forever homes. In addition, we share these animals with children and adults, who’s lives may be parallel in events or circumstances. Our educational programs teach people how to properly care for animals, how to train them with friendship, and how we can learn from them. The animals are blessings and encouragement to all who meet them.

Please donate to the care of this

and 12 other endangered

Przewalski‘s horses today.

On a regular basis Hearts & Hands Animal Rescue cares for horses, endangered zebras, donkeys, alpacas, goats, camels, exotic birds, tortoises, cats, dogs, rabbits, pet pigs, and any other species that need our care. Almost as soon as a trailer leaves with an adopted animal, another trailer comes up the drive with a new animal needing our immediate attention, love and devotion. They also need food, veterinary care, bedding, and medicines. Please continue to donate to Hearts & Hands so that we may continue this very important work.

We are a 100% transparent 501 (c)(3) Community Benefit Organization. We have just two employees and all others are volunteers. Some give of most of each day, every day, and others give their time one day a week, or when they can. One of our employees gives the animals the consistency of the feeding and clean out, and the other manages the barn and the animals under medical care, as well as works with the animals in their rehabilitative training. Please donate knowing that the funds are going directly to the animals.