Our Wish List

  • Pavers or the funds to purchase them and a contractor or the funds to pay one to build a sidewalk from the driveway to the barn and in front of the barn for wheelchair access to the barn and the round pen.
  • One (ADA) wheelchair capable porta-pottie and one regular porta-pottie, both with sinks, on a permanent basis.
  • Construction of two weather proof kiosks
  • New chain link fencing, as well as non-climb horse fencing and posts.
  • A cement contractor and cement
  • 800 bags of mortor.
  • 8 cans of Rustoleum dark green paint.
  • 4 big orange wheelbarrows
  • lead lines (eight, ten and twelve foot)
  • halters (all sizes)
  • cat food (ongoing)
  • dog food (ongoing)
  • bermuda hay and bermuda pellets (all we can get, ongoing)
  • irrigation expert to volunteer to fix irrigatioin
  • electrician to fix hot walker and to adjust temporary power lines
  • Someone who knows how to fix Club Cars. We have two in need of repair. Our maintenance cart and dump cart are both broken down.


We are currently preparing an area at the lower end of the property which will support an Education and Therapy Center.

With this area completed, we will be able to have larger groups come to the ranch, such as Boys and Girls Clubs, retirement groups, inter-city children’s groups, recovery groups, and the general public for educational programs, including teaching how to care for animals properly, how to interact and train animals in a loving, non-forceful way, and how to communicate with the animals on their own level, showing them that we comprehend their behavioral and vocal languages and can communicate with them using their language. This is invaluable to teach our children as they will have respect, appreciation and excitement in their future interactions with animals of all species.

Please help us by donating now. On every level, this is such an important project.

We are a 501 (c) (3) non profit community benefit organization. We only have two paid employees that accomplish the daily care for all the animals,including feeding, watering, cleaning out, nursing care, and managing the animals that need very special care, and everything else is accomplished by volunteers who give of themselves at this this unique facility. Please join our very special group of people at the Hearts & Hands Animal Rescue.