We could write for days about Zinty. However, his videos and photos will tell the bigger story.

    Zinty was foaled at Hearts & Hands Animal Rescue. His mother was part of a rescued group of Grant’s zebras from the 2003 Cedar Creed Wildfire in California. Zinty was foaled amid a lot of excitement over his impending arrival.

    He was a beautiful baby and took to Friendship Training like a duck to water. He learned to lay down, come to, away, back, do the entire in hand trail course, retrieve, and many, many other behaviors for him to have fun with.


    In fact, he trained up so well that Nancy Nunke took him to horse shows and he ended up with year end high point halter horse awards!


    At about a year and a half old, one day, Zinty heard the feed cart coming. He jumped up in the air. His front feet went one way. His hind feet went the other. When he came down, he realized he wasn’t a cat. His hind feet did not hit the ground squarely and all his weight came down at an angle. There was a big ‘snap’ sound. His pelvis was broken.


    Zinty spent the next year and three months in a stall in the barn. He never one said he didn’t want to be here but would prefer to go over the rainbow bridge. He always was determined to get better.


    Once his pelvis was healed, then came rehabilitation. That process has been going on for five years now. Never think that you are healed and that is what it is going to be forever, just after a year. That is what we are normally told. Not the case! Zinty has been in recovery and progressing year after year after year.


    He gets Reiki energy work and MRS (Magnetic Resonance Stimulation). He receives sports physical therapy daily. He roams the entire ranch at his leisure. He has gold implants in acupuncture points, which he got in 2012. This catapulted his recovery even more.


    He has one leg shorter than the other because his growth plates could no longer provide growth development to that leg when he broke his pelvis, as he was still growing.


    His next step is to receive a custom made shoe lift so that his hips and pelvis will line up nicely.


    Zinty gallops all over the ranch. He plays practical jokes on everyone, and is the life of the party. If you ever come to San Diego area…come and visit with Zinty. He will make your day…week…month…or maybe even year.



    Check out Zinty’s video clips for a smile today.


    Please donate to Zinty’s care. He is a permanent resident as his care is ongoing.