ADOPTED – Stetson – Movie Horse – Trick Horse – Retired

Stetson came to us as a twenty one year old. He would still be with his loving owner had his owner not been involved in a terrible car accident, which disabled him to the point of no longer being able to care for Stetson. He called us personally after looking around for a good home for Stetson. However, given Stetson’s lifetime career of doing rodeo half time shows, parties, and movies, his owner felt that Stetson would be quickly out of retirement and used inappropriately at his age for full time work.

He wanted a lifetime retirement home for Stetson, without exploitation, misuse or abuse, and suggested that we use Stetson on occasion for our fund raising work.

When Stetson arrived, we realized that he had some eye issues. His eyesight is less than half the quality it should be. When he steps into shadows, he often throws his had back as if something is going to hit his face. It was good timing for Stetson to come to us, as we are great at taking care of blind horses.
Stetson is a big horse, and needs a lot of feed. Please help us take care of this beautiful boy who has given so much joy, laughter and entertainment to people all the years of his life.