ADOPTED – Morgan – Morgan Mare

    Morgan, a gorgeous purebred Morgan mare, with bloodlines that would belie her story, has one of the most horrific stories of all. She suffered such terrible abuse at the hands of her breeder, and then went on to suffer more abuse at the hands of her new owner. The new owner had to sign a waiver, which stated that Morgan was the “most dangerous horse anyone had ever seen, and that she will bite, strike, and throw herself to the ground. The new owner takes full responsibility for injury or death to themselves or others and relieves the seller (breeder) of any liability for any injury or death that occurs.”

    We were made to sign this same waiver when we took custody of the horse from the second owner. At the time of taking custody, we were informed that we needed to give her $300 to pay for equipment that the  horse had broken since she had her. This was unbelievable after she told us to come and get the horse at no charge. Of course, we could never turn our backs on this very skinny, very abused horse, and willingly gave her the $300 to be able to get this horse away from this abusive person.

    The horse would not allow herself to be touched. The girl could not touch her and we had to load her by loading a second horse on the trailer and letting it out the front door after she followed it on the trailer.

    We had to use tranquilizer in the trailer and get a halter on her very carefully. Then, upon leaving the trailer, we needed four people, two each on the end of a twenty-two foot lead line to get Morgan to her corral.

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