Sponsor or Adopt a Special Friend

Oliver laying down

Oliver – Please Adopt


Oliver is 10 years old, house trained, loves everyone, likes to go on walks, and loves to rest on your lap or beside you. He likes other dogs. He is neutered. Just an all around good guy.

Please sponsor Oliver until he is adopted….

HHAR rescue spencer

Spencer, Jack Russell, blind, deaf – Please Sponsor


Spencer was thrown away in a field and was found laying still, shivering, frightened and so very alone. He came to us very thin, blind, deaf and in need of all his teeth removed. We just raised enough money to take him to a dental specialist for his first appointment, but he is in need of donations to have his teeth removed. He cannot chew hard food  with his remaining teeth, decayed gums and bone loss.

Please help this sweet boy who was thrown away….

Zena, Grant’s Zebra – Sponsor


Zena is a very tiny zebra and cannot be put in a group situation with other zebras. She is very sweet, although not considered trained. She likes to have attention and be petted. She makes every new equine that comes in feel at home and relaxed when stalled next to her.

Please sponsor Zena….

Zsa Zsa, Jeremy and Penny – Please Sponsor

Zsa Zsa came to us when her owner was diagnosed with a terminal illness. Zsa Zsa came to us with her own two goats, giant Nubians named Jeremy and Penny. They are both quite old now. Zsa Zsa will not go anywhere without her goats. (photo to follow)

Please sponsor these three special friends….


Teddy – Blind Appaloosa – Please Sponsor (photo soon)


Teddy is just 12 years old and is blind from cancer in his eyes. He is in complete remission, but will never see again. He is a permanent resident and needs your help…

What can you do for Teddy?

Yesakai (Kaia) – Przewalski’s Horse – Please Sponsor


Yesakai – Przewalski (sha-val-ski) filly. Kaia (ki-ya) is the only trained Przewalski’s Horse (aka Wild Mongolian Horse) in the world and is the world’s only embassador for the oldest specie of horse alive in the world. These horses date back to the Ice Age and were driven to extinction in the wild with only 9 breedable animals left in the world.

Find out why it was possible to train her….


Misty – Miniature Horse – Fostered

Misty is 32″ tall and is a silver chestnut. She loves all people and all animals to date.

Find out what makes Misty so incredibly special….

Rebellions Duke – APHA Reg’d Stallion – Adopted

Duke is trained and was worked on cows as a youngster. He produces 100%
full colored babies. His home was burned out in the California Wildfires.

Find out why all Duke’s babies are paint….

Saleena – Peruvian Paso – Adopted

Saleena came to us just in time. Her condition was grave. She was being starved.

How is Saleena doing now?

Zintawa (Zinty) – please sponsor

Zintawa (Zinty) entertaining everyone with his beach ball antics. Always the ham!