We are preparing an email to go out and go VIRAL!

If you would like to donate pre-email, please do so. We need 1000 people to become $25.00 monthly donation subscribers in order to continue the work at Hearts & Hands Animal Rescue. Or 2000 $12.50 monthly donation subscribers. Please find it in your hearts to donate just one of these amounts per month to Hearts & Hands so that we can continue to save horses, dogs, cats, and other animals that need our and your help.

Rescue Tel: 760-898-3927HnH on Facebook

As soon as we have our monthly subscriber page completed on the website (this week) we will send out the email. Please set up your monthly subscription and then forward the email on to all your friends with a note from you telling them that you have set up your subscription and ask them to please set theirs up as well. We are in need of your assistance right now or this rescue will have to close its doors. Where will all the animals go? Where will Zinty go with the special care he needs? Where will Chancey go for the special care he needs? Where will the older animals go that no one wants to adopt? If other shelters and rescues have to come in to take them many of them will be killed. They will call it ‘put down’, or ‘put to sleep’ to make it sound nicer,just because they won’t want to keep them and care for them on a permanent basis. They will be killed. Please do not let that happen! Our expenses here are Hearts & Hands are very transparent. Our food bill is over $10,000 per month. Our staff expenses are $5000 per month. Our vet bill is $3500 per month. Our property expenses and utilities are $5000 per month. Our supplements, ongoing meds, bedding, and miscellaneous, such as truck and trailer maintenance, gas, tools, maintenance is $1500 per month. None of the directors take a paycheck. Nancy works 24/7 caring for the animals, doing most of the office work, keeping the property maintained, and managing the ranch, without pay. She puts on training clinics and donates 100% of the money to the rescue. She trains a few outside horses and mules and 100% of that money goes to the rescue. Please help us keep this important rescue intact by donating now on a monthly subscription basis. Even if $10 a month is all you can do for now, it will be so appreciated by the animals here.